Moving to a new town may necessitate that you purchase a vehicle to transport you to and from work. If you haven't driven in a while, you may lack the confidence needed to responsibly drive. Refresher driving lessons will help you transition back into driving each day.

Refresher Lessons

Driver training schools are licensed and approved by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Driver training courses include beginner lessons, refresher lessons, and specialized lessons. A school that offers a wide range of classes may feature a series of instructors and separate classrooms where training takes place.

Individuals and employers may seek services through a driving school. An employer may require their fleet drivers to take lessons. Individuals who sign up for classes have the ability to hand-select which type of training program they would like to take part in. 

The Sign-Up Process

Contact a representative of a trade school that offers driving courses. Request information about the refresher classes that are available. A refresher course will run for a set amount of weeks.

A class may be limited to a set amount of students. You will need to select a course that is of interest and pay your tuition fee in advance. The course schedule will indicate where you will need to meet, plus provide the name of the driving instructor who will be overseeing the class. 

Your Participation

Bring a notebook with you to each driving lesson. Your class schedule may include a series of lectures, plus some one-on-one driving sessions. Your teacher will ride with you during each driving session. The notes that you take during formal lectures will help you become a better driver.

Each lesson that you take will prepare you for a driving session with your instructor. Your instructor will apply the same principles that you were taught during a formal lecture. They may request that you parallel park or drive around various barricades that are set up on an obstacle course.

Insurance Savings

A refresher driving course may not only supply you with the confidence you need to be a safe driver. It may also make you eligible for an insurance discount. Many insurance companies offer discounts to those who are able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed a course.

An insurance company will consider a trained driver as less of a threat than an untrained driver. Once you complete your driving lessons, you will receive a certificate. If your insurance agency offers discounts, you will be required to show the certificate to receive one.

Reach out to a local driving school to learn more.