Leaving an old vehicle on your property that isn't being used can have an effect on curb appeal. If you are no longer interested in driving the vehicle, getting rid of it might be the best thing to do. You can opt for selling the vehicle, or you can donate it to an organization that can make good use of it. For example, giving the vehicle to a trade school that has an auto mechanic class can be helpful in several ways. Below, you will learn about a few of the things that make donating your used vehicle to a trade school a great option to consider.

Donating a Vehicle Can Lead to a Tax Deduction

One of the possible rewards that will come with donating your used vehicle is a tax reduction. The deduction will come in handy if you owe the government any money when tax season comes. Keep in mind that there are several things that will be factored into the amount of deduction that you can obtain. For instance, how the vehicle is used at the trade school might play a role in the amount of deduction that you will get. 

You Will Have the Pride of Helping Someone in Need

There are a few ways in which a donated vehicle can be used at a trade school. For example, the vehicle can be taken completely apart so the parts can be used for teaching students. It is also possible that none of the parts will be permanently removed, as it will allow the school to sell the vehicle for a profit. The vehicle will likely be sold at a low price, which is a great way for someone to obtain transportation without spending a lot of money. You can then feel proud that someone in need might gain possession of the vehicle.

The School Can Obtain Resources

Sometimes it is difficult for trade schools to obtain the resources that they need to successfully teach students. It can be even more difficult to obtain vehicles for auto mechanic programs, as automobiles can be pricey.  Donating your vehicle gives a trade school one less resource to worry about obtaining.

The Trade School Might Pick the Vehicle Up

Donating your vehicle might help you avoid having to pay a towing fee. When you contact a trade school about the donation, it is possible that they will actually pick the vehicle up. For instance, the school might hire a towing company on their own to come and get the vehicle.

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